About Health Plus

Why we created Health Plus insurance ...

In business and life, sometimes taking a risk feels right. The rewards are worth it.  ​Not having health insurance is not one of those risks.  Health bills can take you seriously off track and OHIP's not enough, even for everyday care. 

We believe everyone needs health insurance especially if you're in small business or work on your own. And we know it's frustrating and time consuming to look beyond the advertising of the big companies to find a  plan that's actually good and  that you can afford.

We think it should be simple. That's why we created Health Plus insurance - a comprehensive, affordable plan that's easy to understand, easy to apply for and to submit claims. With options to cover just yourself, your family, partners, or your entire team. You'll have excellent health, drug, dental and travel coverage at better rates than other plans. Not to mention ... peace of mind. 

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The people behind the plan ...

Health Plus is only available  from Loran Insurance, an independent broker and small business.  Our President, Terry Flynn developed Health Plus because after years of experience providing group health insurance to hundreds of small and mid sized firms, he was frustrated.  He  could not find quality options that in good conscience he felt he could offer clients w​ithout employee benefits.  

Health Plus is a family team, not a big insurance company (although your plan is underwritten by two respected Canadian insurers). Our service is hands-on. We're in this business because we want owners and workers in small business, entrepreneurs, and professionals starting new ventures to have access to the best value health coverage and benefits.  You deserve it.  And after all, you have other priorities to focus on to grow your business.   We know you want to have a little fun along the way and enjoy the wins,  not worry about health expenses. 

Health Plus Insurance is underwritten by Greenshield Canada and the Beneplan Cooperative and is exclusive to Loran Insurance Ltd. 

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