Loran Insurance Limited

We're a full service firm with a full insurance line-up providing individuals, small and mid-sized business since 1990 with ...

Critical Illness Insurance

To help ease the financial burden of serious health conditions. We can show you how to set up your plan to take advantage of tax concessions. 

Disability Insurance

To protect your income with monthly tax-free dollars. 

Long Term Care 

​Planning long term with insurance ​ that covers the cost of care in your home or a healthcare facility. 

Life Insurance

To create security for your loved ones. While you can never be replaced, you can replace your lost income, pay debts and taxes, and secure business and personal assets in your estate. 

Group Insurance

Custom designed, not cookie cutter, benefit plans that save you money and cover what's important to you and your people. One of our options even gives rebates. We're experts in plan design to suit your budget. 

And we're much mo​​​​re  Of course we offer personal service and years of experience. So do others. What's unique about Loran?   We work harder to save you money.  We have expertise other brokers simply do not have.  And we bring you practical, affordable solutions ​ they  overlook or can't access.  That's what led to Health Plus and it applies to everything we do. 

​We won't try to sell you something you don't need. And we don't push our own plans if they're not the right fit ... even if that means recommending you stay with what you have, or go with something we don't offer.
As an independent broker, we see our job as helping you find your best option. 

Small and starting out.  In full growth mode.  Or making succession plans. 
Contact us for advice you can trust.
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