How We’re Different

We understand what matters when you're looking for insurance. 

Better coverage at lower rates.   Health Plus™ is designed to offer  more for your money than other available benefit plans you might consider.  Small business owners ourselves, we know cash flow is precious and time is tight.  Insurance must be affordable, simple to understand and arrange, and come with advice you can trust about options and risks. 

Take a closer look at How We Compare to other plans and How We Keep Rates Low for your plan.

The people behind the plan   Personally we don't want to be pressured to buy and we don't like sales scripts. When you call us, you won't get a call centre or telemarketer or be turned over to a "closer".  You'll connect with one of us - a small team of licensed professionals ready to listen and answer your questions. You'll get the straight talk, not a sales pitch. 

We admit we'll tell you why we firmly believe OHIP is not enough and insurance is the right move. But what matters most to us is that you end up making the decision that's right for you. ​

We're on your side​.

Backed by Greenshield and The Beneplan Co-operative, Health Plus™
is only available from Loran Insurance.