Who is Health Plus™ for?

If you don't have benefits through your workplace, Health Plus™ was designed for you.

Singles and Families
Affordable options. On yo​​​​ur own, single parent, couple or a large family.

Business Owners
Flexibility Cover just yourself / partners / key employees. Benefits help keep good people, whether you pay all, pay part, or simply introduce them to a plan they can trust.

In a big or small business. If you’re on your own for insurance, Health Plus™ is your personal benefit plan.

Freelancers and Contract Workers
Steady coverage. Working full or part-time, between gigs or changing projects, your plan can go with you.​​​​ 

Self-Employed, Entrepreneurs and Independent Professionals
Start-up, established or somewhere in between. Solid options now and a plan that can grow with you.​​​​ 

The excellent, affordable benefit your members will value. No admin or expense for you.

Working from Anywhere
Solid affordable benefits. Studio, shared space, head office or home, factory or farm, Health
Plus™ is there for you.

Any Career Stage
Same rates all ages. No automatic increase every 5 years. Apply to your 70 th birthday. Stay covered to age 85 (travel age 70).

Your Adult Children
Covered to age 21, 26 for students. When they outgrow your plan, they can keep Health Plus™
without re-applying.