Who is Health Plus™ for?

If you’re an entrepreneur, work on contract, freelance,
own or work in a small business in Ontario, 
Health Plus™ is for you.

In start-ups to established ventures, Health Plus™ covers ...

√ Individuals√ Families √ Business Partners

√ Key Employees√ Entire Teams√ Association Members

Consider Health Plus™ if you ….

  • Don’t have benefits through your workplace or Association.
  • Have insurance now but you’re not happy with the rates/ coverage.
  • Do not have insurance now because you gave up finding quality coverage you can afford.
  • Own a business but group insurance doesn’t fit your needs right now.
  • Want your people to have benefits but you don't want to pay
  • Want to cover health expenses – routine and unexpected - with tax-deductible business dollars.

The Right Time?
The right time to buy health insurance is when you're healthy. If you wait until you're "older" and "need it", it may be too late. If you develop health issues, you may not qualify for any insurance. Or if you do, the rates could be so high, it's no longer affordable. 

The Right Age?
Health Plus™ is for all ages. Apply up to your 70th birthday. Keep your coverage to age 85 if you choose (with no automatic increases every 5 years, unlike other plans).

Dependants are covered to age 21, students to age 26. There's an advantage for dependants covered by Health Plus™. When they outgrow your plan, they can continue coverage on their own without having to reapply. 

If you don't have benefits through your work, Health Plus™ is the smart move. ​