Why buy Health Plus™?

Why Buy Any Insurance?

Even with good genes and good luck, OHIP is not enough. OHIP pays for visits to the doctor and in-patient hospital stays. YOU pay for everything else

Think of the healthcare you need: dental checkups, routine prescriptions, physio, or treatment if you're ill or injured on a trip. These expenses add up ... let alone the bills for serious conditions most of us believe will never happen to us. 

Without insurance, you pay these bills on your own. With after-tax dollars. Affordable if they're routine. But what if they're not? Why take the risk?

REALITY CHECK: The "break-even" mistake. It's tempting to compare your current bills with the cost of insurance, and conclude "it's not necessary". That's risky thinking.

Consider this: Most people, even the young and healthy, experience injury or illness at some point. Even if it's minor and temporary, it can still be expensive! If it's major, the bills can be devastating. Many of us take pride that we "don't take drugs". Maybe not. But maybe, we'll change our minds if we or a loved one face a serious condition.

In healthcare today exciting breakthroughs, especially in drugs, are changing and saving lives. But the average cost of these new medications is over $1200 per prescription. For cancer or chronic illnesses such as arthritis, asthma, colitis or MS, the bill can be $20 000 to $30,000
or more ... per year.  Other services and  treatments such as physiotherapy can cost $1000's.

No doubt you can think of better ways to spend your profits.   
 Insurance is the smart move.

Why Buy Health Plus™ Insurance? 

You get more for your money. Designed by experts in benefits for small enterprise (and business owners too),  Health Plus™ offers superior coverage at lower, more stable rates than other plans. 
 Health Plus™ is the smart choice.