Why Health Plus?

Because you deserve better value

Finding the right health insurance can be a chore. Some plans cost too much, cover too little, or take too much time to figure out.  We think simple is better. A solid, affordable plan that covers what matters. Advice you can trust.
That's Health Plus. 

  • Coverage that pays more of your billsespecially paramedical and prescription drugs.
  • Designed by benefits experts who understand your needs, because we're a small business too.
  • Focused on keeping your rates low. Lower now for the same or better coverage, much lower as you age. Most plans jump your rates every 5 years. We don't.
  • Service your waySpeak to a licensed advisor in our office who knows small business and will get to know you. If you don't want to talk to us at all, that's okay too. 
  • Health Insurance made simpleOnline application and claims filing. Easy to understand options. Drug card pays for prescriptions. Email, send your questions online, or call if you'd prefer. 

What matters to us is that you make the health insurance decision that's right for you. 

Health Plus is underwritten by Green Shield Canada
and the Beneplan Cooperative

Health Plus is only available from Loran Insurance Limited