Our Story

Health Plus™ evolved from the ideas and experience of a small business broker with a big vision. It grew from his stubborn belief that people who own or work in a small business or work on contract  deserve better  health insurance  than what's available  to them from the big name companies .

Driven by a better deal for you

Our President, owner of Loran Insurance, with years of experience in group health and dental insurance, knew there were some plans out there for people without benefits through their  work. None met his standard of quality affordable coverage that in good conscience we could recommend. The other plans were designed by the big companies to keep their risk low and profits high. We believe business owners and independent workers deserve better value. We set out to fix the problem.

Working with innovators, working for you.

Health Plus™ is underwritten by two solid Canadian insurance companies who, like us, have a new way of looking at things. We have the experience to know the benefits that matter and what’s new in health care trends that we should include in your coverage. And, how to stretch the insurance dollar to keep your plan affordable without compromising quality.

In 2015 we proudly launched Health Plus™…the insurance that reflects your needs and our experience.

Why Buy Health Plus?

If you're self-employed, freelance or own a small business, insurance is the smart move.  

Cash flow is precious and health care, routine or unexpected, is expensive  Why pay health bills that could be covered? 

With insurance, routine costs such as dental check-ups, prescriptions and physio are paid for with tax-deductible business dollars - at a monthly amount you can budget.  And you're covered for serious health concerns and exorbitant bills - without financial strain or worry whether you can afford the care you or your family might need. 

Health Plus™ covers more for your money than other plans.  It's the smart choice. 

Health Plus Coverage & Rates


 Excellent health, drug, dental
  and travel from experts
  in small business benefits

For yourself/ your family/
your team



From $89 / month with plan options to suit your needs

Rates stay low even as you age, unlike other plans

Tax deductible



Superior coverage at lower rates

Pays more of your paramedical and drug bills



The only plan designed by small business for small business

With blue chip backers:
The Beneplan Co-operative
and Green Shield Canada


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