Better Benefits. Designed For You. 


The best value health insurance plan you'll find. Comprehensive, quality coverage: drugs ($30 000 per year), higher limits for paramedical services, no low per visit maximums, semi-private hospital, diagnostic tests, vision, and much more


Coverage for routine care, check-ups, fillings, even root canals, and major restorative work such as bridges, crowns, and dentures. Never avoid phone calls from the dentist's office again. 


Emergency out-of-Canada health coverage. 60 days per person per trip. No limit on the number of trips per year. 24-7 support to help you find care while you're away. Enjoy every vacation with complete peace  of mind. 


Professional and wellness resources you won't find with other plans, at no extra cost. Including your LifeWorks Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

  • Confidential Counselling
  • Personalized Prescribing
  • Custom HR Advice

We're different than other plans.

Health Plus Insurance was designed by small business for small business. No matter where you work, we believe you deserve great benefits. Whether you own a business or work for someone else, freelance or on contract, Health Plus plans were created to offer you a better option for affordable health insurance. 

Who is Health Plus for?

  • Employees
    In a big or small business. If you're on your own for health insurance Health Plus is your personal benefit plan. 
  • Freelancers & Contract Workers
    Steady coverage. Working full-time, part-time, between gigs or changing projects, your plan can go with you. 
  • Self-employed, Entrepreneurs & Independent Professionals
    Start-up, established, or somewhere in between. Solid options now and a plan that can grow with you.
  • Singles or Families
    Affordable options. On your own, single parent, couple, or large family.

Working from Anywhere
Studio, shared space, head office or home, factory or farm, Health Plus is there for you. 

Any Career Stage
Same rates all ages. Apply to your 75th birthday. Stay covered to age 90 (travel to age 75).

Adult Children
Covered to age 21 (age 25 for students). When your kids outgrow your plan, they can keep Health Plus without re-applying.

Are you a business owner?

Health Plus for Teams offers great flexibility. Cover you, your partners, and your people, part-time, full-time, or on contract. Looking for traditional group insurance? We're a full-service broker and experts in plan design for small and mid-sized businesses. 

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Are you a member of a professional association?

Health Plus for Associations is the membership benefit people value. Flexibility and affordability for members. Much better value than typical association plans. Simple to introduce with no admin work or expense for your organization.
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Designed to save you money.

Health Plus rates start low, and don't automatically jump every 5 years due to age (unlike other plans). We know the low coverage limits that other insurance companies use to control costs don't work for you, so we do things differently. You're part of a larger buying group, which means savings you wouldn't see on your own. And we're constantly working on ways to save you more - from lower single parent pricing to expanding what's included in your coverage.

The rates speak for themselves. Health Plus plan members save up to $2832 per year*.   *For a family, in premiums paid compared to Manulife Flexcare

Service your way. 

We're not the big industry guys. We're small business too and a family team. This means we're concerned with what matters to you, not shareholders' bottom line. When you call or e-mail, you'll always get one of us, not a call centre. 

Whether you're starting from scratch or comparing options, we'll help you find the best fit for you. Our promise is always honest advice from a licensed advisor, not a sales pitch. 

Other Insurance


If you have a pre-existing condition or high drug expenses a 'no medical questions' plan might meet your needs. Even if you've been denied coverage before we'll help you find the insurance that's right for you . 


If you become sick or injured and unable to work, health bills and everyday expenses can take a toll. Disability insurance protects you with monthly tax-free dollars to replace some of your lost income. 


Not pleasant to think about, but it is essential if you have loved ones who depend on you. Some options have cash value potential for payout while you're still alive. 

You Might Be Asking ...  

I'm perfectly healthy, why should I get insurance?

When we're young and healthy we feel invincible so it's easy to put off applying for insurance. In reality, even if you're not spending much now, when you're healthy, it's the best time to sign up for health insurance. In fact, it's the only time you're guaranteed to get the lowest rates and that you will be covered if anything happens in the future. If you become ill or injured and then try to apply for the coverage you need, you may no longer qualify at all. Or, your monthly premiums will be much higher, often for much lower levels of coverage. 

How do I qualify? Is there a medical questionnaire?

Yes, to apply for Health Plus PRIORITY or OPTIMUM plans, you will need to complete a short online questionnaire that covers any current and previous health conditions and treatment. All information is kept completely private. You can apply up until age 75 as long as you are working. If you're retired, ask us about our retiree plan option. 

Approval requires general good health. However, at Health Plus we handle pre-existing conditions differently than other companies. While other insurers may deny coverage or exclude coverage for health issues related to your pre-existing condition, we want to see you protected. In many cases we will include the full coverage for a modest rate adjustment. If your history does exclude you from PRIORITY or OPTIMUM plans we have guaranteed acceptance plan options that may be right for you. If you're concerned or have questions about qualifying, we're happy to talk to you about your specific situation and options.  

You're a small business. Do you handle all the claims?

We designed the Health Plus PRIORITY and OPTIMUM plans, and they are only available through Health Plus Insurance. Claims are administered by MDM Insurance Services, except for the travel coverage, which is provided by the Co-operators. Wellness Services are brought to you in partnership with the Beneplan Co-operative. 

What  does this mean to you? You get the best of both worlds. Health Plus Insurance is a small, independent family team. We're a broker with access to all the best plans and offer advice you can trust. Our exclusive plans are administered by leaders in the industry, which means you can be confident your claims will be handled quickly and professionally. 

How do I know I'm really getting the best plan for me?

Don't worry, you won't hurt our feelings if you're reluctant to take the leap right away. Insurance plans can be hard to compare. Insurance companies too often use confusing language and hide limits in fine print. We're a full-service broker which means we're knowledgable about and licensed to sell plans from all the top insurers. We can help you compare and we'll be upfront about the most important considerations when choosing a plan, including where coverage levels matter most and what to expect in rate stability. This advice is free of charge. 

If you'd like to do some research and compare on your own, check out this post to get you started: How to get the best value when you shop for health insurance

Getting Started is Easy ... 

  • Download an information package
    Review coverage and compare at your leisure
  • Applying Online is Simple
    Coverage can take affect the first of the month
  • Complete Claims Easily Online or by App
    Get paid quickly and easily through direct deposit