Wellness Around the World
Boosting your health through travel ... even when it's from your couch Travel is wonderful in so many ways and[...]
‘No Medical Questions’ Health Insurance … when it’s the best financial choice and when it’s not
When you’re shopping for personal health insurance, you'll likely see plans encouraging you to simply sign up …no medical questions asked. Sounds appealing, of course.  While ‘no medical questions’[...]
10 Reasons You Don’t Need Health Insurance
You may be skeptical of whether health insurance is really necessary for you. That's understandable. If you're young, healthy, don't[...]
Your Summertime Wellness Tonic
Summertime Tonic ... especially in 2020"Summertime ... and the livin' is easy" or so the classic tune tells us. But 2020[...]
8 Essentials for Re-opening that are good for your business and your team
8 Essentials for Re-opening that are good for your business and your teamBusiness owners everywhere from companies of 1 to[...]
How to make your health insurance dollar go further
How to make your health insurance dollar go further If the past few months have triggered some serious financial planning, you[...]
The Surprising Benefits of Self-Compassion
Continuing the conversation on self-care ... The Surprising Benefits of Self-Compassion"When the going gets tough, the tough get going." It's[...]
A Serious Conversation About Self-Care
A Serious Conversation About Self-CareWhile we often take a light-hearted approach in these Wellness Moments, the ongoing stress of the[...]
Health insurance after job loss
What you need to know about health insurance if you are laid off or terminated Along with all the other[...]
How Everyone Can Support Small Business Today
How Everyone Can Support Small Business TodayThe COVID-19 pandemic is a scary time for all of us. We’re concerned about[...]
Virtual Resources to Calm, Care for and Entertain during COVID-19
If ever we need a moment for wellness, it's now ... Along with all we can do to help flatten[...]
How health insurance helps you meet your financial goals
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Prescription for a Healthy Holiday Season
Prescription for a Healthy Holiday Season ... expect side effectsFavourite time of year? Or just want the fuss to finish?[...]
How to get the best value health insurance
How to get the best value when you shop for health insuranceShopping for health insurance isn't anyone's idea of a[...]
4 Workplace Wellness Tips for Small Business
4 Workplace Wellness Tips for Small BusinessRunning a small business is tough. You’re often taking on the tasks of more[...]
New Health Plus Plan Upgrades
Exciting Upgrades to Your Health Plus PlanAt Health Plus we’re always working hard to make sure our members have the[...]
Summer Health & Safety Tips
Essential Summer Health & Safety Tips to Make the Most of the Season  Summer is finally in full swing. Whether you're[...]
Wellness Moment: Comfort Food
The food group that Health Canada forgot ...Kudos to Health Canada for our new Food Guide for what to eat,[...]
New Wellness Services
We've just added even more benefits. For everyone. You know Health Plus already offers great coverage for health bills, routine and[...]
Feeling Healthier – and Happier – with Coworking
Just as insurance must change to fit the new world of work, where we work is changing too. We know[...]
Wellness Moment: A Little Help From Our Friends
Wellness Moment"I get by with a little help from my friends"The Beatles are right. Friends matter. Not to argue with[...]
Insurance Jargon in Plain Language
Insurance Jargon Decoded ... it's not you, it's them Here’s a pitch we hear too often. “I have just the plan for you.  Guaranteed issue, no[...]
Personal Insurance 101
Personal Insurance 101 ... what to know and where to start Let's face it, learning about insurance is no one's idea[...]