How Health Plus™ Compares

Comparing insurance options isn't easy. Complicated detail, unfamiliar terms and confusing differences can make it a real chore. This should help ... 

Health Plus Advantages

Better Paramedical  
Health Plus pays up$ 750 per person per year  per type of practitioner. At the going market rate for services and equipment

Other plans have lower total limits and often very low per visit limits (e.g. $20)

High Prescription Drug Limits
To $30 000 per person per year  

Other plans limits are $5000 - $10 000. The few with high limits cost much more. 

Great Dental Coverage  
$1000 per year per person with no deductibles. Dental injury from accident is 100% covered with no maximum.

Other plans have deductibles and lower maximums. 

Lower, Stable Rates 
Health Plus not only starts lower than other plans, our rates are the same for all ages, and rates stay low even as you g​et older.

Other plans celebrate your milestone birthdays with an automatic rate increase, often a hefty one - every 5 years, age 45 -65. 

Cost Plus Pricing
That's insurance speak for how we can make more of your healthcare bills tax-deductible, even your current prescription drug expenses.

Other plans don't do this. 

If you have a pre-existing condition Health Plus may still be an option. Other plans often simple deny coverage. Ask us what's possible.