Dual: couple or parent & child



Family: 3-4 people**



*Per month including taxes **$40/month/additional person

Health Plus™ premiums are tax-deductible if you're self employed.
This means your actual net cost is much lower than the quoted rates.

For example, if you earn $48,000 your top dollar tax rate is 30%.  Your real cost for Optimum Single coverage
goes down from $116 to $82 a month.  At higher income levels and tax rates, the net cost for Health Plus™
could go down by almost 50%.

Sometimes government tax strategies actually do encourage people to take smart financial action.
Health Plus™ protection is one of those smart moves.

Don't Make the "Break-Even " Mistake
You may be thinking "I don't spend that much now".  Or feeling secure because you have good health and
good genes . Consider yourself lucky.  And consider this:

The time to buy insurance is when you're healthy.  If you have an accident or become seriously ill,
you won't qualify for insurance... at any price.

With Health Plus™ you can budget a low monthly amount.  Avoid the hit to your bank account that can result even from routine treatment.
Plus, premiums are tax-deductible. Most important? Protect yourself and your family if there are nasty health surprises down the road.