Your Health Plus Rates

No need to fuss with complicated online quotes. Our rates are completely transparent.
With two plan options to choose from, for singles, couples, or families, getting started is simple. 

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For Ontario Residents

Prices are per month including taxes. All plans include $30 000 prescription drug coverage, $750 per person per year paramedical practitioners, emergency travel health coverage, dental, and professional wellness resources. OPTIMUM plan members also receive vision coverage. View full coverage information here







Dual: couple



NEW  Single Parent: 1 dependent

                                              2 dependents





Family: 3-4 people**



*Per month including taxes **$40/month/additional person

Health Plus™ premiums are tax-deductible if you're self employed.
This means your actual net cost is much lower than the quoted rates.

For example, if you earn $49,000 your top dollar tax rate is 30%.  Your real cost for Optimum Single coverage
goes down from $116 to $82 a month.  At higher income levels and tax rates, the net cost for Health Plus™
could go down by almost 50%.

Sometimes government tax strategies actually do encourage people to take smart financial action.
Health Plus™ protection is one of those smart moves.

How We Keep Rates Low

We do some things differently than  other insurers. With years  of experience in group insurance
and hundreds of clients, we've learned  a lot about how to save you money and  cover what you need. 

Rates for insurance plans are based on total claims made by everyone in the plan. That's why we keep an eye on claims
to make sure there's no waste in what's paid out.

We think it's obvious...avoid waste to keep rates low.
But we're not thinking big insurance company profits. 
We're small business too. We're looking at things from your point of view. 

Here's what this means to you.

With Health Plus, we want to make sure you're covered for everything you need, including high paramedical and prescription drug coverage. In a few situations for treatment beyond initial routine care, we simply ask for the
doctor or dentist's confirmation that ongoing treatment is necessary.

This easy pre-approval step helps keep your rates low because it means your plan is not paying for claims where a service provider is a little over-enthusiastic in recommending ongoing treatment that's not really needed. Or the dentist sees extra scaling as a way to keep a patient in the chair longer to inflate the bill. Sadly this happens more than you think.  Happily, Health Plus avoids this waste.

What other plans do.

Other insurers recognize inappropriate, inflated claims are a big problem and   pre-approvals are not unusual.  As well, some insurers simply charge higher overall plan rates to protect themselves from waste and overbilling.  Others set lower limits on what the plan covers. Or they set much lower per visit limits. Paramedical for example: some plans cover only $20 per visit. You probably know this doesn't come close to covering the cost of a treatment.

These tactics work for the insurance companies. For you, not so much.   We believe the Health Plus way is better.