CASI Health Plus Insurance

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Your Canadian Association of Snowboard Instructors member health insurance



Your CASI member plan is designed to offer better health, drug and dental coverage for people without an employee benefit plan. Here are the advantages of your member plan:

  • Pays the bills that RAMQ does not. Integrated prescription drug coverage, dental care, vision, registered therapists, ambulance, emergency travel, hospital, homecare and more.
  • Simple online claims filing. Submit claims easily online and view past claims 24/7. 
  • Single, couple, and family rates and a 30-day money back guarantee. Get the best value for your needs and if you're not satisfied, you can cancel. 

Experts in benefits for small business owners, self employed individuals, and association members. 

  • Personal service from a licensed expert, not a call centre. 
  • Custom advice for your needs, not a sales pitch.
  • Options not available from other brokers. Focused on keeping your rates low. 
  • We've got all your insurance needs covered. Ask us about Group, Disability, Critical Illness, and Life.

Health Plus for CASI-ACMS Members

If you are a contract worker, freelancer, part-time or full-time employee without benefits, your CASI member plan has you covered. Two plan options to choose from. Your provincial coverage is not enough. Don't get caught paying out-of-pocket health costs. 

If you have questions about your CASI-ACMS member insurance don't hesitate to contact us

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