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About Health Plus


Health Plus was created to offer better health, drug, and dental coverage to small business owners, solo professionals, freelancers, and contract workers without an employee benefit plan. Your DAO plan covers:

  • $30 000 prescription drugs per person/year
  • Up to $1000 per person/year for Paramedical Services 
  • 100% of emergency out-of-Canada health care costs 
  • $1000 per person/year for dental care  (more after 2 years on the plan) + coverage for accidental injury to teeth. No deductibles.

Experts in benefits for small business owners, self employed individuals, and association members. 

  • Personal service from a family team, not a call centre. 
  • Custom advice from a licensed professional, not a sales pitch.
  • Options not available from other brokers. Focused on keeping your rates low. 
  • We've got all your insurance needs covered. Ask us about Group, Disability, Critical Illness, and Life.

Your DAO Health Plus plan comes with new extended services, including LifeWorks Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP). No added cost, no claims required. 

  • Confidential Counselling and Resources for life and health concerns, from financial questions to family crises. Available in 100+ languages.
  • Custom HR advice and resources to help build your business.
  • Personalized Prescribing to make sure you are taking the right drugs for your unique DNA.
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Health Plus for business owners

If you own the business, a single clinic or lab or an entire chain, Health Plus gives you great flexibility. Cover just yourself and family, your business partner, select employees or your entire team. Pay all or part or simply refer Health Plus to your people to consider for themselves. If you outgrow Health Plus, our sister company Loran Insurance has excellent group insurance options you won't find elsewhere ... plans designed to save you money and keep the benefits your people value.

denturist association health plus

Health Plus for DAO DENTAL Professionals

If you work on your own or for someone else, on contract, part-time or full-time, and don't have employee benefits, Health Plus is designed for you. Two plan options to choose from for single, couple, single parent or family, and personal counselling and resources you won't get with other plans. And Health Plus is portable ... you can keep your plan even if you change jobs or careers. Or stop your coverage if your new position comes with benefits. 

*If you'd prefer, you can download your Health Plus application and submit by e-mail or post.

If you would like to know more about the Denturist Association of Ontario, please click here to visit the DAO website. 

If you have questions about your DAO Health Plus plan don't hesitate to contact us