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Feeling Healthier – and Happier – with Coworking

Just as insurance must change to fit the new world of work, where we work is changing too. We know it can be hard to find good benefits when you’re on your own.  Our friends, the Rostie Group recognize it can also be a challenge to find the right work space. In our first guest blog, the Rostie team explains why co-working might just be the answer and why it’s good for your business and your health.  

Feeling Healthier - and Happier - with Coworking 

In a rapidly changing world, your options for where you shop, live, and even work are broader than they’ve ever been. Entire enterprises can be started and run out of a mobile phone and a laptop.

If you’ve started your own business, you’re a freelancer or do gig work, it can be tempting to set up a home office and call it a day. But you’ll quickly find out that staying in and doing all your work from home may start affecting your creativity, discipline and social skills.

A coworking space can not only help alleviate those symptoms, but may even boost your well-being, and provide new opportunities for business.

Coworking Boosts Creativity

Surrounding yourself with familiar sights may make you comfortable, but true creativity does not come from comfort. It instead comes from the diversity in people and in the places around you. In a coworking space, there is diversity and inspiration. You will meet people who you may have never come across in your neighbourhood, and their own stories and ideas will excite and engage you.

Coworking helps with discipline

Anyone can enjoy a day working from home. Sometimes we all need a moment away from the office. But just as above, the same surroundings that make us comfortable, may also lead to lower productivity. If you can take a nap during the day in your own bed, why wouldn’t you? A nap turns into a longer lunch, which can turn into entire days off.

Having a place to go everyday, to set up and work, and then return home can help with your discipline – to have a clear line between home and work.

Coworking grows your social skills

Humans are social animals. We require company and others around us to develop social cues and learn from each other. While there is nothing wrong with some alone time, historically work has been the place where social relationships have developed. 

A coworking space allows you to still have that camaraderie and interaction with other people that is necessary. Even if you don’t all work for the same company.

Coworking allows you to expand your business via networking

The key to expanding your business is networking. Getting to know other entrepreneurs and workers who have either started their own businesses, or are part of a small team. As entrepreneurs working in the same space, they understand the value and product, and will be your easiest sales.

Additionally, they can help you by telling you what services are helping their business, strategies for growth, and what’s worked for their own business. It’s the sense of community that you can’t get anywhere else.

If you are ready to give coworking a try, either temporarily or permanently, take a look at The Rostie Group in Toronto. They offer daily and monthly coworking options, that all include the following:

  • 24/7 access to 20 Bay Street, WaterPark Place, 11th floor Coworking Room
  • 20 Bay St. business address with mail handling and Reception Services
  • Hi-speed wireless Internet connection
  • 30% Off Meeting Room rates, including 8 free hours of small Meeting Room usage per month
  • Access to a phone at your dedicated desk with a locked filing cabinet upon request
  • Use of business services (printer/fax/copier/admin) (additional charges apply)
  • Use of the Rostie Group Lounge and Kitchen
  • Invitations to all social gatherings, events and networking activities
  • Discounted TriFit gym membership for WaterPark Place tenants only
  • And complimentary coffee