If ever we need a moment for wellness, it's now ...

Along with all we can do to help flatten the curve, it’s the time to do all we can for our personal health – mind, body and soul. We offer these virtual resources to help.    

Calm your nerves

It’s time to be especially mindful. Essential to pause purposefully and often, to tune out the chaos and tune in to ourselves to restore a measure of calm and the best outlook we can muster. Although deep meditation may seem impossible in the turmoileven a few moments of quiet will help lower stress levels and restore balance.   

For calming tools for everyone and special ones for kids, visit the free Calm Resources page.     
For anxiety and worryyou can find COVID-specific advice from CAMH on how to cope, including how to talk to children about what’s going on.   

Beware the rampant infodemic. While the facts from reliable sources are frightening enough, we’re being bombarded with dire predictions and frankly false news from outright racist views to wildly inaccurate speculation on causes and cures. Better for everyone’s health to avoid media overload especially from sources no one should trust. Use this Guide on what to avoid 

Stay physically active

Exercise soothes mind and body, boosts your immune system and helps ward off the ill effects of overwork or extra sitting around, let alone full-on anxiety. Here are just a few lists of where you can find free virtual workouts, yoga and more.   CBC   BlogTO   NYTimes on Self-Care 

Walk or run outside.  Experts recommend it where you can practice social distancing and avoid park and playground equipment, railings and benches for the time being.  As well as burning calories, fresh air goes a long way to combat cabin fever and restore energy.  

Find moments (or hours) for what you enjoy

Nothing wrong with binge-watching. Or burning the candle at both ends if that’s what you need to do…for a while. Too much, wellbeing suffers.  With empty hours to fillor with added pressures that call for overdrive, we all need something for healthy respite from the stress.     
This is a great time for those interests, projects and subjects we’ve been meaning to tackle, learn more about or enjoy but never managed to find the time. As a short breakor a focus for the duration, these are ideal diversions to take our minds off worry, maybe even accomplish something, or at minimum have a plan ready for better times ahead. They’re also a great way to connect with others – at home or virtual.  
From the amazing number of quality blogs, music and sports sites, podcasts, and YouTube lessons to choose from, here are some to get you started.  You may be surprised at what’s included (and free).  Arts & Entertainment   Online Learning  

Think Community First

When you’re looking for virtual resources, remember to start with your local businesses to see what they offer.  You’ll be helping them too.   

If you are already a Health Plus plan member, remember you have access to free Wellness Resources with your plan. 

From our family to yours, take care and stay safe.  If you have a comment on these ideas or more to suggest, send us a note. Always glad to hear from you. info@healthplusinsurance.ca