Exciting Upgrades to Your Health Plus Plan

At Health Plus we’re always working hard to make sure our members have the best benefit plans available. This year we’ve made big improvements to both our Optimum and Priority plans. First, we brought in 3 great Wellness Resources, available to all members at no extra cost. Now, we’re working with new partners to help us make your insurance even better.  


Being a parent is tough, especially if you're building a business, which is why we're committed to offering the best rates for families and we've added a new reduced rate for single parents. 




Parent + 1 child 



Parent + 2 children



For parents with 3 children existing Family rates apply. *Rates per month including tax.


We've extended existing coverage and added completely new coverage.  So whether you run your own business, freelance or work on contract you can be sure you're getting the best value available. 

  • NEW  Major Restorative Dental Coverage, including Crowns, Bridges, and Dentures. Optimum plan maximum $600 / person / year.  Priority plan $400 / person / year. *Eligibility after 18 months of plan membership  
  • Extended Travel Coverage. Out-of-country emergency health coverage extended to 60 days (from 30 days) so you can enjoy peace of mind on longer trips without having to buy any more travel health insurance.  
  • Higher Vision maximum (Optimum plan). Coverage for glasses and contact lenses increased to $200 from $150 every 2 years.  


As a small business ourselves, we understand the demands and look at things from your point of view. We  want to make sure we work with companies with the same commitment to meeting your needs. To help bring you these latest plan improvements, we've partnered with MDM Insurance Services and The Cooperators, two companies who, combined, have been serving Canadians for over 100 years.

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