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This November, Health Plus raised rates on our OPTIMUM and PRIORITY plans for the first time ever. This is unheard of in the insurance industry where rate increases are as common as the common cold. Our goal has always been to provide the best value health insurance plan on the market, without sacrificing the coverage that Canadians need. 

Why Now?

Trust us when we say we did not make this decision lightly. Healthcare costs in Canada are rising rapidly. This and the increased demand for healthcare services in a post-pandemic world have meant the cost of covering claims has also increased. To continue to provide the coverage and service plan members deserve rates had to go up. 

Save With Association Rates - Limited Time Only

Professional associations that partner with Health  Plus receive preferred pricing for their members. Now, we've extended that pricing to everyone if you apply by December 31st, 2022. Rates are guaranteed until November 2023. View Rates.

The Health Plus OPTIMUM Plan Is Now Even Better

We're continually committed to improving our Health Plus plans, as we have in each of the last five years. This year is no different. That's why we've made a few changes. 

What's New?

  • Vision (OPTIMUM plan only)
  • We've increase the vision maximum for glasses and contact lenses to $300 / 24 months after 24 months on the plan. The OPTIMUM plan also includes $75 / 24 months for eye exams.
  • Dental (Major Restorative)
  • We've increased the maximum for Major Restorative Dental after 30 months on the plan to $1000 / person per year on the OPTIMUM plan and $650 / person per year on the PRIORITY plan. 
  • Healthcare (Paramedical)
  • We've increased the Paramedical maximums on the OPTIMUM plan to $1000 per practitioner per person per year. The maximum before preapproval is now $300 per practitioner per year (up from $250) to a combined maximum of $750 per person per year. The PRIORITY plan includes up to $600 per practitioner per person per year. The PRIORITY plan maximum before preapproval is $250 per practitioner per year to a combined maximum of $600 per person per year.
  • Note: Paramedical preapproval maximums are in place for pre-existing conditions and maintenance treatment. For a new injury or illness you can submit a preapproval form for coverage up to the plan maximum. Psychology does not require preapproval.

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